Teaching Philosophy


Panoramic view of Izmir, Turkey, personal photograph taken during “Mediterranean Crossroads: Past and Present,” May 2019 

My teaching interests are informed by my interdisciplinary training in political science and women’s studies, as well as by my experiences as a woman scholar from Turkey who has lived and studied in Canada, the United States, and France. I have taught  classes in ancient, modern, and contemporary political thought, feminist political theory, multiculturalism, transnational feminism, Mediterranean politics, and writing in the disciplines. Having conducted research in three different countries and languages, I am comfortable navigating different cultural and linguistic registers. Having experienced being an “international student”in two different countries, I also recognize how challenging such navigation can be for college students who find themselves outside their comfort zone, and in many cases, away from home for the first time. More importantly, I am acutely aware of the different ways in which gender, race, and ethnicity can amplify the challenges of being outside of one’s comfort zone. For this reason, in my classes, I strive to emphasize global perspectives and to cultivate a sense of community without overlooking the different identities students bring into the room.

You can read more about my teaching philosophy here.

Courses Taught

Student-generated map of materials discussed in Development of Political Thought: Modern and Recent (Spring 2016)

At Arizona State University 

From Beirut to Tangiers: Contemporary Mediterranean Culture, Society, and Politics (syllabus)

The Human Event – II (Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020) (syllabus)

The Human Event – I (Fall 2018, Fall 2019) (syllabus)

Can Sisterhood Be Global? Transnational Feminist Theory and Practice (Fall 2018, Fall 2019) (syllabus)

Mediterranean Crossroads: Past and Present (May 2019 study abroad to Izmir, Turkey) (please contact me at neveserkoker@gmail.com for the syllabus)

At University of Michigan (as primary instructor) 

Development of Political Thought: Modern and Recent, Spring 2016 (syllabus)

The Politics of Travel (Writing and Academic Inquiry), Fall 2015 (syllabus)

*List of courses taught as a graduate student instructor also available upon request. Please contact me at neveserkoker@gmail.com.